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Thank you for visiting our web site. We shall be updating these pages with stories and photos whilst we are out in Bolivia. To comment you just need to go back to the main page, scroll down through the recent posts and where ever you see the word “comment” you can click and write a message. We really appreciate your support and encouragement and look forward to hearing from you all.

15 thoughts on “How to use our web site

  1. To Auntie Ruth and Uncle Dean, Daddy does not know that we are playing with his computer (he does not like to share his toys). Please do not tell him. Thank you for playing with us yesterday. We had a lovely time and will miss you both loads. We are looking forward to hearing all about your adventures and promise not to grow up too fast. Looking forward to our first webcam chat with you. Love Bethan & Tegan xxxxx

  2. At last Ihave found out how to access your site (from Eirian’s PC). Once we are installed down west I wiIl do better. For now I have to rely on getting hold of temporary access. Hope all the plans are going well – we are in a state of total chaos and tension. It will get better. Ring soon.

  3. Dear Uncle Deeee and Aunty Wuuu,
    i hope you are having a lovely time in Bolivia, mummy and daddy said if they get their act together and get Skype i might be able to see you and talk to you at the same time! that would make me laugh a lot!! I have a bit of a chesty cold at the moment, mummy and daddy keep giving me lots of medicine cos my teeth are hurting too. Although, like you, they love me very much, I think they are looking forward to me going to bed tonight as i have been a bit of a tinker!! But I’m sure once they’ve been in the hot tub (we’re at Grandma’s at the moment) for 20 minutes they’ll have a smile on their faces!!

    Love and snotty snuggles,
    Naomi Hope Holt xxx

    PS Mum and Dad send their love and say they are looking forward to catching up soon with their two wonderful friends!!

  4. Hi Dean
    just seen your photos. love the coloured bus. I suppose thats where besa me mucha comes from in the songs. I love latin american songs – Astrid Gilberto. my favourite – not some of those groups you played in Crossover!!
    its raining here today but not been too bad of late.
    lovely to see you both good luck with language.
    love dee

  5. Hi Dean and Ruth,

    Just been enjoying reading your website – you went to my project the other day! Very exciting, I feel very jealous too. Hope that the language school is going very well, and that you’re going to Dumbos and eating lots of ice-cream!
    Mim xxxx

  6. Alll the best from AH and BH. Karis and Gemma,Hilary and John Barlow send our best and hope you are doing fine.XXXX

  7. hey dino and ruthy…
    I hope u r well and that u had a great christmas… and I hope the new year brings many more adventures for u both… what ur doing is fantabulous…
    my sister had a baby on christmas eve… a little girl… caitlin megan… she’s fantastic… so I’m enjoying bieng up 2 my eyeballs in nappies… I hope u r both well… miss u loadz… love lauren xxx

  8. i enjoyed your website there is loads to look up and lots of links. i liked your diaries and pictures.

    hope you are enjoying it in bolivia.


    William 7so
    the Astley Cooper School

    you will not remember me because i only started this year once enjoy your travels

  9. Hiya guys!

    fabulous pictures on your newsletters and site.

    Great to see so many young people enjoying God’s company through you wonderful servants.

    Im counting the days now until you return to the tropicla paradise of Hemel Hempstead. Not sure if you are counting tho…

    Can it really be 2 years already???

    Naturally i miss you both and cant wait for your return, but Im also SOOooo proud of you serving Jesus in this selfless way. I know that this time has been sacrificial for you both in so many ways. God is good and He has touched so many through your obedience to him.

    Keep on keeping on in Jesus mighty name!!

    Stay Blessed!

    Love & hugs

    Coopie xxx

  10. Hi Ruth hi dean hope u r ok and well we miss u guys .you gave us some great memories and I hope you come to see us in liverpool when u back
    Keep safe and well .
    Love Ali and Paul xxx

    1. Hi Ali & Paul,
      Thanks for your comment on our blog. We lost your email address when we packed up the house. Hope you are doing okay and I hope you are going to take the whole family sailing next year, it was a real hoot:) much love, Dean & Ruth xx

  11. Dean and. Ruth, really think your work in prison is great. Feel it is right to concentrate on this as few others do. The Lord’s blessing on you. Taking the Junction has been great fun and we seem to have got the balance right since introducing a few games.

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