What we’ve been doing

We’ve been busy going to language school everyday. We are improving and have moved onto the future tense! Our friends from Ireland have arrived (Peter and Karen) and they are also studying before they go off to Oruro.

Last week we went to visit a prison workshop, for women and their children. The project helps them to pay for their cell by teaching them how to make “handicrafts” which are sold in the town. We went one afternoon to do a puppet show and taught them a song…. in our limited Spanish! We will also be leading a drama workshop at the language institute on Wednesday.

The weather here is hot (about 32 degrees today) and it gets windy in the afternoon. We are starting to apply for our visas which is a long and complicated process here in Bolivia. There seems to be so much red tape, it may take as long as 8 months.

We went on a retreat with Latin Link for 4 days last weekend into the “campo” It was nice to meet up with everyone else we met on the orientation. This weekend we are having our first visit to Sucre to meet the church we will be working with. It is a long bumpy bus journey which may take 12 hours or more. We shall be passing through the highest city in the world… Potosi. Please keep in touch… we need messages. (Chocolate and parcels would be good too!)