Busy being Bolivian

We have been busy over the past few weeks. We were asked to present a drama on the plaza alongside the team of Bolivian volunteers who we started training three years ago. It was amazing to see how the team has grown and now there are about 20 people involved with the drama and an additional 30 who go to help and talk to people in the audience. The team range in age from 14 – 80! Everyone gets involved and there was a fabulous crowd of about 300 people.

This drama is about Superheros. It was so funny.
Us doing the Heart sketch… a big crowd had gathered to watch.

Here is the pastor of the church chatting to a few people in the crowd. They gave out sandwiches and coffee to everyone at the end.

Hali, who is a dear friend of ours from when we were here last, came to visit us for the weekend. She works with young girls in Santa Cruz who are at risk of entering the sex trade. We have been supporting and mentoring her for the past few years and it was great to see her again. Every Sunday before church we try to climb the steep steps to the top of the hill where there is a statue of Christ. We only just made it… partly due to the altitude. Life at 2500m above sea level makes your heart race and its hard to breathe.


Exhausted at the top of the 1240 steps
Hali (with the hat) and her friend Tabby

As you can imagine, it is quite hard tracking down some of the young people who leave the rehabilitation centre. They often have very chaotic lives and do not have a permanent place to live. One special person who we have managed to keep in touch with is Lucy. We knew her for two years in 2014 – 2016 when she was in and out of the centre where we worked. She has a baby now and we saw her yesterday to catch up on how she is doing and what has happened since we last saw her in 2017. We gave her a knitted hat for her daughter, made by a lady from our church. She loved it.

Just chatting in the plaza with Lucy


We have arrived

After a 22 hour journey we arrived in Bolivia on Thursday 21 March…. Thankfully with all our cases and luggage intact. It already feels like we have been here a month! It has been lovely to see friends and enjoy some delicious Bolivian hospitality.

At the moment we are living in a mission guesthouse, which is very comfortable. It is just round the corner from where we used to live, so it is nice to be in familiar surroundings. We went to the Saturday market and were recognised by some of the sellers and have already bumped into people we know in the street.

We were invited into the youth rehabilitation centre on Thursday afternoon and Saturday night. It was a great atmosphere. Most of the boys are new, but a few remembered us from our visit last summer.

Over the next week we will be starting our visa application and also try to find somewhere to live. We will be re-visiting all the projects we have been involved with and seeing how things have changed.

Our postal address here in Cochabamba is: Dean and Ruth Such, c/o Conexiones Entre Mundos, Casilla 15 Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Things can take up to a month to get here. Best to wrap it up well in plastic and declare anything as ‘household items’ Anything valuable or interesting goes missing.

View from our bedroom window in the guesthouse
Saturday Market shopping
Candyfloss ?

Plans, packing and police checks

So… After feeling like we have been in ‘limbo’ for a few months, we are now incredibly excited to say that we have decided to start planning to return to Bolivia in March! Ruth’s dad is still poorly, but he is much more stable than he was in the summer and we are pleased that he is responding well to all his medical treatment. We feel strongly that we are supposed to return to Bolivia to continue our work with the children, youth rehabilitation centre and the drama ministry. God has been working through us in this time of waiting. Our hearts are full with an amazing amount of love and compassion for the young people, and we are preparing ourselves for how He is going to work through and and use us in the future. We say ‘Yes’ to most things… So watch this space!

We are busy booking things and packing boxes, as well as doing all the reams of paperwork and police checks that are necessary. We know the system (although in Bolivia the system can change week to week.. So we are holding our breadth) and we are trying to get everything we need together. 

We have a little wish list of things we’d love to take with us: a play parachute, some reusable nappies, some frisbees and bible story cubes…

We are still a little short of our fundraising target, but are so grateful for God’s provision and faithfulness. Our Stewardship account is the easiest way to support our work if you feel able. We would also like you to be involved and pray for us, both in the next few weeks and also over the whole time we are away. We will be updating this website and also posting pictures of what we are up to.

Enjoying a walk on the beach in Gower at Christmas

New Stewardship Account

We are now registered recipients with Stewardship, who has set up a support fund for our ministry. You can support us by making gifts to Stewardship for our fund. Where applicable the value of your gifts may be increased by using Gift Aid (worth 25% if you are a UK taxpayer). See attached pdf form, or go directly to our page by clicking on the icon below.


support_form 2


Finishing and farewells

We arrived back in the UK on April 12th after a whirlwind of goodbye parties and sad farewells. Our last few weeks and months were really busy; trying to hand over and finish the various projects that we had been involved with.

The Expressions team arrived from the UK and we used their 3 weeks to forge links with existing projects and a few new ones. It was amazing to have them with us. Even though it was a little bit squashed having six people living in our little apartment. We managed to get to Sucre, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.

This blog will include more photos than usual with captions as a way of showing what we have been up to.


Working with the boys in Cometa and being a able to share the Good News was a real joy


Every Friday and Monday we would play volleyball or basketball with the boys


Our lovely friend Hali came to stay for a few days from Santa Cruz.It was great to show her our projects and here more about her work with the Ayoreos


Working with a youth group at Richard’s church: presenting drama and doing a music workshop


Daniella and Jayson Hobbs arrived from the UK for a three week mission trip

Ellie and Francesca arrived a few days later and the Expressions team was complete. We had planned an exciting schedule of activiites and visits for them. They were hoping to use their creativity to communcate the gospel . This was Easter Sunday when we hiked up the 1240 steps to the Cristo staute above Cochabamaba.


Visiting Horno K’casa in Sucre one last time with craft activiites, games, drama and music. This is where we worked in 2007-09 and it is wonderful to see how the children have benefitted from the educational centre and facilities which we started and that have been supported faithfully by the CCE church in Sucre.


The older kids decorated baseball hats


At a youth cell group in Sucre studying the bible and using art as a way of expressing our thoughts. The young people had never really done anything like this before and enjoyed it very much.


With our lovely friends in Sucre at the house of Gonzalo (grey T shirt and shorts) and Maricel (red stripey T shirt)


Performing street drama with our team from Belen church. These guys have been consistently willing to help every last Sunday of the month to evangelise in the main plaza. It was a memorable experience for our team to be invloved in.
We had the opportunity to speak at a church called Kairos in Santa Cruz about Servanthood. A group from the church took part in some training and then came to help us when we visited a number of youth prisons in the area.
Our trip to Santa Cruz started with presentations and teaching at Kairos church. A totally cool experience with reggae worship.


Afternoon dance workshop at Mosoyjan.
Afternoon dance workshop at Mosoyjan.

DSCF9952 DSCF9915 DSCF9985DSCF9952DSCF0014

As you can imagine being back the UK is quite a strange experience. Can’t understand why the temperature is below 25° and we wonder why people run away from us when we go to hug and kiss them (as is the Bolivian way!). We are really enjoying seeing friends and family again, but will never forget the amazing adventure, privilege and community that we have found in Bolivia. We will be back…

A very big thank you to everyone who has supported our journey, through prayer, emails and packages, we are still waiting for 2 Christmas packages that seem to have been lost along the way! Thanks also to those that have sent donations which miraculously arrived when we needed them. It’s been great to share our journey and ministry with you.


Crafts, Carnival and collectivism…

As part of our work at the youth prison we have the opportunity to teach art. We just work with a small group each week, which is perfect for being able to chat and answer questions. Recently we drew portraits and it was amazing to see their self esteem grow as they realised their potential. The following week we went and they had all been practicing and showed us their work with immense pride. Since the New year there have been a group of Bolivian volunteers working alongside “Save the Children” following an educational program in the prison. 

Knowing that we are leaving in two months we have been trying to encourage others to get involved in the work at Cometa. There are a number of local volunteers who are going to carry on the work of Transformations. We are supporting a group who teach basketball and volleyball on Monday and Friday afternoons. 

A few of the young people we have got to know well have recently been released from Cometa. We have tried to keep in touch via Facebook. We have unsuccessfully arranged to meet up with a few of them outside… This often means waiting around for a few hours at a time. Many of them have had to return to family and friends and our worry is that without support they will fall back into their old habits There is no social safety net to catch these vulnerable young people. Please keep praying for them.

I had the opportunity to go to a Women’s conference with a large group of ladies here in Cochabamba (IF Gathering). It was a lovely day to listen and chat with people working here and sharing about our experiences.
Carnival was, as always, crazy! Random water balloons and foam sprayed at you from any angle at any time of the day or night. There are bands marching around the streets and people dancing in national folkloric costumes. We actually escaped the city on the main parade day this year to go for a walk in the mountains. It was a nice route alongside a river in Tiquipaya. 

There has also been a referendum here to see if the current president can stand for another term. This means changing the constitution. There have been lots of protests and marches. The voting took place yesterday so we will wait and see what happens.
One of the loveliest things about Bolivia is how we feel part of the family. We get “collected” by people in the culture of “collectivism”. It means we are never without a lovely invitation to go somewhere and spend time with people. It is one of the things we love most about Bolivia, the most important thing is time. Time spent with people you love and time developing friendships. We had a delicious BBQ with friends who are part of a couples group from church. We cooked, ate, told jokes, laughed, sang songs and shared stories. 
We are looking forward to having a creative arts team of three people from the UK to visit us from 16 March for three weeks. We are planning to show them all our projects and take them to various youth centres and churches in Cochabamba, Sucre and Santa Cruz. Please pray for safety and for many opportunities to share the Good News.

If you would like to give financially towards our work here in Bolivia please use the following bank details.

Fundraising account: Mr D Such Barclays Sort code 20 39 07 Account no. 50163678


Playing volleyball with the boys in cometa


The girls are already much better than us at knitting!


Having the opportunity to chat to one guy who was reading his Bible.


The IF conference for ladies in Cochabamaba


Friends and teachers from the language school


Our friends invited us to their house for a bbq.


Joel was in charge of the meat feast… This was ten minutes after he’d used an air compressor to blast the coals into action – spraying them all across the floor! it was delicious.


Someone always has a guitar
Somebody generously gave us a bag of clothes to give out to the kids in Cometa and the girls refuge. Another case load turned up soon after this one!

Not so rainy season…

Rainy season in Cochabamba… Has not been that rainy! In fact we have been having record breaking temperatures of 35 degrees (too hot) and just a few thunder and lightning storm downpours. So still shorts and T shirts for us!

Due to our visa, we had to leave the country. We decided to spend a few weeks in Mexico staying at an Air B&B near the beach in December. We had a super relaxing time and celebrated Christmas and Ruth’s birthday with sandy toes, and few mojitos and a view of the sea. 

A new year and a new flat. We sadly had to move out of our lovely flat which we have called home for the last 14 months. Luckily we have found another place about 15 minutes walk from the school. This time we have a view, rather than a brick wall and a tin roof. We thought we would miss the howling dogs, the 2.00 am Mariachi bands and car alarms going off all the time. But rest assured we have dogs, bands and car alarms here too! This is Bolivia after all.

We continue to help at the girls refuge home called Mosojyan. We have been teaching them dramas for them to practice and perform at their events. They are really talented and enthusiastic – always wanting to play the main parts and can mimic all our gestures. The next challenge is now to get them to create their own dramas and encourage them to express their feelings. We accompanied them on a “hike” into the mountains in Parque Tunari. It was, in true Bolivian style, a bit haphazard…. No map… No risk assessment ( what is that? ) no shade… But of course lots of food! After a long slog uphill we found a rocky patch to have lunch, sing songs and play some games. It was such a joy to see these girls having fun, retrieving some of their childhood and leaving their worries and experiences behind them – even just for a short while. We have grown to love them so much. 

One 14 year old girl, said looking at a single wispy cloud in the sky, “Wow look, you can see the sky moving!”

Another replied, “No, it’s the Earth spinning”

She was not convinced that it could be the Earth spinning.

Both were rather confused when we explained that actually it was the wind blowing the cloud across the sky.

Whilst we were away, they had an end of year event at Cometa. We were both sad to miss it as it involved the boys and girls performing special things they had prepared and giving certificates for achievements. We heard about it from Richard and have a few photos to share. Many of the boys said thank you to the volunteers who go in to help and expressed their gratitude for what they learned. The Christmas boxes were a huge surprise! No-one expected anything and they really appreciated the basic toiletries and personal items. They are now all proudly wearing their new sandals and even wanted to prove that they were wearing their new boxers by showing me the elastic tops, which I politely told them was enough… I believed them!

Thank you to those who contributed to the cost of these. Along with local Bolivian churches we were able to buy boxes for 100 boys in Cometa, 12 girls and 20 boys in CAMINO.

Taking a slight break from doing drama in Cometa we decided to help teach basketball with three volunteers from the USA. Our skills are improving, but it is joining in and having fun that seems to speak the most. Even on one of those very rare rainy days here in Cochabamba. We also enjoy playing volleyball with one of the Spanish teachers from our language school, who is a semi professional player and has agreed to go in to help. 

Some of the boys are allowed day release to go to college in the afternoon. They are on summer holiday at the moment, so we are doing some craft activities with them. We have made juggling balls from flour and balloons (thanks Youtube for the idea), friendship bracelets, threaded beads for necklaces, tie dye t shirts and drawing. It is wonderful to see them concentrating on something, focusing on a simple task and it gives us time to chat. One of our most valuable tools here has been our “story cube”. A book without words. The novelty and simplicity of being able to tell the story of Jesus in this way has been remarkable. Some boys want to see it every week and hear the story again and again.

We are busy planning for a visit from a team from Hemel Hempstead called Expressions who are coming out to Bolivia, from 16 March to 6 April. They hope to be able to teach dance, music and drama to the different projects we know here in Cochabamba. We will visit Sucre, where we worked in 2007-09 and co-ordinate with a church in Santa Cruz who do similar work to us in a youth rehabilitation centre. Please pray for them as they prepare for their trip.


We received parcels for Christmas mid January. Thank you Hutchinsons, Holts, Becky, Stan and Mary, Dad and Norwoods. Here Dean is especially pleased with his Branston pickle. It was sensory overload… luckily we have friends to share our goodies with.

Our new view
We get a great view of the mountains surrounding Cochabamba
We bumped into one of the girls M, who has now been released from Cometa . We took her and her sisiter to the cinema for a treat. The popcorn was their favourite part.



We spent Christmas relaxing in Mexico
We travel with style.


For my birthday we went to a place called Cocobongos- recommended by Shyam and Reahn. . It was certainly a night to remember!


These were some of the Christmas boxes ready to be distributed to Cometa.

The girls with their finished tie dye T shirts
The girls with Richard, our new favourite police lady , M, who is really kind, Sarah a student at the language school
Making friendship bracelets

Making juggling balls at Mosojyan


Happy faces



Practice makes perfect