Transformation is taking shape

So after the initial flurry of being back in Bolivia, things have calmed down a bit and we’ve had a fairly normal month. The temptation to take photos of everything and carry cameras with us has passed and although things surprise us from time to time… Basically we are  just settling into our work routine.

The mural we’ve been painting is now all but finished. The children’s centre are really pleased with us and showed if off at the annual Mother’s Day celebrations, (and Teachers Day too).

We moved into our new flat here in Cochabamba. It feels nice and safe and we get a view of the mountains around the city.
Our main project here is working with young offenders. We have always thought that finding a support network for them when they leave is crucial for their chances of surviving and living a better life. So we are really excited to be involved in the Transformation Project. This aims to link churches with young people as they leave the centre. We have had a number of meetings with church leaders building up a program and training churches to receive the young people. Interdenominational stuff isn’t very common here. But the potential is amazing and it’s really exciting to be part of.

We received an anonymous donation for equipment for the boys centre. So we ventured into the cancha with our friend Milenka who acted as our guide and chief negotiator. We bought loads of supplies for our sessions and some board games. The staff are keen for the kids to play games such as Rummikub and Chess as it teaches them patience, strategy and a bit of resilience. Whenever we play you have to keep your eyes open as they love to cheat and are a bit sneaky. They even gang up on us and work as a team to take our pieces. Our friend Hali is working with a poor community and she loved playing Qwirkle so much that she is getting the men to make their own version and sell them on the market. We’ve put in an order for three sets!

We also went to a youth camp with our new church near Cochabamba. It was great to get to know everyone and have fun. We have also led a drama workshop at church for the young people.

Youth camp
Lots of fun team games
Mateus (red t shirt) looking rather apprehensive before we were supposed to carry him “superman style” around a race course. We did not drop him!
Having time to share testimonies with young people who’ve had similar experiences as boys at the rehabilitation centre.
They take their volleyball VERY seriously here!
Drama workshop

We were so happy to receive some post this month. The chocolate and decaf tea bags, jelly tots and buttons were such a treat.  We are rationing them. Thank you for the other packages that we know are on the way….

If anyone wants to send something we have a PO box. Dean and Ruth Such, c/o Connexiones enter Mundos. Casilla 15. Cochabamba. Bolivia.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and interest. You can leave a comment or send an email. It’s always great to hear your news.

These are some of the resources we found in the market for the boys centre.
Two little girls wearing their hats kitted by Kate Grey from our church. Its cold here at night at the moment (mid winter)

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