End of week 1 and postal address

We’ve only been here a week, but it seems much longer. We had an orientation with some Latin link members who have been here for 8 years. They showed us around and helped us change money etc. We started language school on Tuesday and have had four hours a day – plus homework! We both feel very tired at the end of the day, but feel we are making good progress. Our Spanish is still slow, disjointed and badly pronounced but we have a sense of humour and can laugh at ourselves. Especially when I tried to ask my teacher for a glass of water and I actually asked her for a kiss!! vaso/beso ?!?

The house we are staying in is nice and clean. There is a shower, locally known as a “widow maker” as you can see the bare wires sticking into the wall. No major shocks so far.

We have been to the market and seen some unusual sights and even more peculiar smells…. coca leaves and all sorts and parts of animals for sale! We have been to church (recognised one song … thanks Manny) and met some lovely people.

Thinking and praying for everyone back in UK. Would love to hear from you either by e- mail, message on website or old fashioned snail mail. It takes about 3 weeks to get here. Casilla 4941, Cochabamba, Bolivia. And after mid October it would be best to send mail (or parcels) to our next address which will be Casilla 215, Sucre, Bolivia

We’ve arrived

We arrived yesterday morning after a 30 hour journey and were met at the airport by Susanne and Charles Windsor who are also part of Latin Link. We are lodging with a Bolivian family for two months and have a nice room and a bathroom. We went into Cochabamba yesterday to watch a parade. It was Cochabamba Day and therefore a National Holiday! We thought they had put on the march especially for us…today we went to visit a market and change some dollars into Bolivianos. We have internet access at the house so keep your lovely messages coming. It feels very strange at the moment, but we are both feeling well and adjusting to the high altitude (light headed and breathless). Thanks Becky for the lift to the airport and the smiley goodbye…not too many tears.