We’ve arrived

We arrived yesterday morning after a 30 hour journey and were met at the airport by Susanne and Charles Windsor who are also part of Latin Link. We are lodging with a Bolivian family for two months and have a nice room and a bathroom. We went into Cochabamba yesterday to watch a parade. It was Cochabamba Day and therefore a National Holiday! We thought they had put on the march especially for us…today we went to visit a market and change some dollars into Bolivianos. We have internet access at the house so keep your lovely messages coming. It feels very strange at the moment, but we are both feeling well and adjusting to the high altitude (light headed and breathless). Thanks Becky for the lift to the airport and the smiley goodbye…not too many tears.






8 thoughts on “We’ve arrived

  1. Glad to hear you got to Bolivia safely. Looks like you are enjoying yourselves.

    Good luck with your strident adventure, and keep in touch on the Skype!

    Andrew, Gill, Nicholas and Rowan

  2. Hello my dear friends! 🙂

    Sooo glad to hear you arrived safely, along with your bags!
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you get used to the unfamiliar surroudings of your ‘brave new world’.

    The Crossover website has gone live today, so check it out http://www.crossover.uk.com !!! It’s so exciting! But I miss your companionship Dean, it truly isn’t the same without you here. I need a fellow rookie to bounce my ideas around with! Im sure my ‘Joshua’ will come soon.
    Ruth I miss your wonderful laughter & hugz, but I am holding you in my heart:-) xxxxx

    Be so very blessed guys as you have been a tremendous blessing to so many!

    Praying for your ‘dizzy spells’ & for you to have the BEST of times in Bolivia!

    Adios 4 now mi amigos!
    KA xxxx

  3. We’re so pleased you have arrived safely in Bolivia. Missing you both already & Thomas sends extra big HUGS! Ensuite in your new house, eh? Always falling on your feet!! Seriously we hope you settle into your new home & i’m sure you’ll both be fluent in Spanish in no time. Lets keep in touch, just need to download skype.

    besos y abrazos

  4. Hiya daen and ruth.
    So glad you arrived safely and uve had a good time so far. Crossover isnt the same without either of you.
    Missin u loads

  5. Deano!!! wow am SOOO jealous. Am busy thinking through the idea of getting all the old gang together to come and visit you two sometime next year!
    Accommodation sounds much better than first trip to Sucre, do you remember they kept a really grumpy dog in the toilet, and the parrot that called you ‘FEO’ when you were having a shave!! Har har.
    Can’t wait to read more of your blog guys, keep it up

    Carolina x

  6. Hi mrs Such!

    We’re all missing you this easter.
    What you’re doing is really great!
    I’ve decided that when i grow up, i’m going to be a doctor and go to Zambia!

  7. Mrs Such and Dean

    Keep your chins up, don’t worry about the spanish, keep working at it and iit will come.

    I keep thinking about Bolivia. Do you stay in one place and help in the area, or do you move around other places?


    Hannah Foxton

    (from your year5 class Mrs Such)

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