Zooming into the future

This month we have seen some relaxing of lockdown restrictions in Bolivia. Thankfully we are able to go outdoors every day for a walk!! Shops are open during the week. Some private transport is allowed and limited public transport. But the numbers of cases of Covid-19 and fatalities are hugely under represented. There is no testing and families are no longer taking sick people to hospital as the system is full and overflowing. There was a news article this month in English which we are including via the following link. But please be prepared, it is very hard hitting.


We have re-established contact with the girls refuge for victims of sexual abused girls called Mosoj yan. They have recently had internet installed and are able to receive Zoom calls. We chatted to the director who was very keen for us to do something with the girls. She explained that they’d had none of their normal classes and were desperate for any kind of input. Drama workshops over a crackly low speed Zoom connection in a room with 14 teenagers was not without its challenges. But we could see and hear that they were enjoying it. We did a sketch about faith with two little birds who didn’t want to take the leap out of the nest. 

This month Dean preached at our Cochabamba church (Kairos) in a mixture of Spanish and English with a translator. He used 1 Corinthians 13 and spoke about how now is the time we really need to show love to one another. The members of the church are not used to being asked to reflect and contribute to the teaching and we think they really appreciated this different style of preaching. Usually preaching here is quite spontaneous and is often based on opinions rather than Biblical knowledge.

We have been waiting to hear from the authorities at Cometa rehabilitation centre. They initially hinted that they would be able to invite visitors back in September, but have not made any decisions yet. This is, as you can imagine, the most frustrating situation, as we have no idea how or when the system will change. 

Delivering some art and craft supplies to the girls at Mosojyan
Chaotic and slightly crazy drama Zoom sessions with Mosojyan – but lots of laughter and smiles
Road blocks just outside Cochabamba. They had used dynamite to blow up the road.

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