At All Nations College


Hello everyone. Two weeks today and we will be on our way to Bolivia …. time is really flying past. We are at “All Nations Bible college” for 10 days to study all about cross cultural stuff and theology training. It is a beautiful old building (where ST Trinian’s was filmed). Every day is packed full and we are getting to know all the other “striders” who are going to South America. It is good to know we are not the only ones.


Temporary Home

hi everyone, we have been really busy the past few weeks getting our house ready and packing up all our stuff. We are living with our friend Becky at the moment in Rickmansworth before going off on our orientation on Tuesday at All Nations Bible College. We can still be contacted on our mobiles or e mail. We have also signed up for Skype, so if you have a Skype address send it to us on e mail and we can speak via the internet. We actually leave on Thursday 13th Spetember… getting really excited now!