Sad loss for our team

Rigid, strict, moderate, flexible, total… Whatever name they give quarantine, it basically means the same. We are not able to go into the prison and see the boys we’ve been working with and so are having to find more and more creative ways to work. Due to the nature of the economy here, people have had to start moving and going to work, but this has had the effect of increasing the number of cases of Covid-19 in the community. 

We received some tragic news earlier this month, our friend and fellow volunteer, Arturo passed away from Covid 19. He was one of the team that ran the Saturday afternoon church with us. He often spoke at the front and attended all of our training sessions. We were both shocked and upset to hear that he had been turned away from a number of hospitals here in Cochabamba because they were either full or refusing to treat Covid patients. Sadly the situation is getting worse here in regard to the number of cases and the hospitals ability to treat people. As a result more people are self medicating and false/fake drugs are being sold as people get sick.

Thankfully we are both fine, although Ruth has been diagnosed with Shingles this week…. Just what we needed! But seems to be coping ok with the spots and aches. 

This month we have continued to prepare materials remotely for Bible sessions. Trying to make them as clear and easy to follow for the boys at the rehabilitation centre. It’s tricky as we don’t know how much input or interaction the kids are getting from the staff or if they are just left to do things on their own. We can just keep praying that they do get to the right hands at the right time. We are still in touch with a number of kids who are now out of Cometa and trying to adjust to being back with their families after a long time away. This is something we are trying to help them with. 

Sacks for food supplies ready to be delivered to families of ex-Cometa kids. Each contains rice, pasta, oil, flour, lentils and other dry goods
Arturo (pictured third from left) was a valuable member our team who volunteered at Cometa
A little bit of feedback from one of the boys who left Cometa a while ago. See translation from Dean above


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