A little bit of freedom

After enjoying a less rigid quarantine since 25th May, where we’ve been allowed out for daily exercise the Bolivian government have announced that we go BACK into strict lockdown from this Monday. So we have been making the most of being able to walk around the neighbourhood in the sunshine and have the odd ice cream whilst we can.

We finished preparing the devotional materials for the boys and have passed them on to our director to co-ordinate with the staff at the rehabilitation centre. We decided to use the Fruits of the Spirit as themes for these Bible studies. We have heard that a number of the boys on ‘preventiva’ have been released early. They are boys who were waiting for a judge to hear their case or on a type of probationary sentence. A few of the older lads who we have got to know well and were close to the end of their sentence have also been released. We are praying for them especially, as normally we would try to keep in touch with them and link them up with a church in their local area. 

One young guy, Victor, has been in touch with one of our volunteer team and actually joined our church zoom meeting last week. A girl, Delia, who we’ve known for a long time has finished her sentence and has been in touch via Whatsapp. She is now living with her family and asked us to pray for the relationship with her mum after being away for so long. Delia became a Christian whilst serving her sentence 🙂

A bike on a bike … only in Bolivia!
Celebrating our 18th Wedding Anniversary this month
Cochabamba view from the roof of our building
Miles from anywhere … I wonder what they think of Coronavirus?

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