19 thoughts on “Welcome to our new web site

  1. Wishing you a safe trip and looking forward to your first communication from Bolivia.

    Beverly V.

  2. Muhaha! i get to be the first to post, woo, go me.

    I look forward to reading what you’re getting up to in bol…where was it again?

  3. Great to see all the progress and really excited for you both…. but wish Bolivia was not so far!

  4. Heyyahh guys x

    thought I’d drop byy =D
    hope yooh both have a great time out in bolivia and yooh make god proud x

    love yooh both
    Bethhyy ❤

  5. hiya dean and ruth.
    jus here to wish u both good luck in bolivia and i look forward 2 hearing about everythin u do 🙂

  6. Such a pleasure working with you Dean. Good luck and God Bless to you both. Bolivia will be much the richer with you there.

  7. Hi Ruth and Dean! I have been thinking of you quite a lot recently, and wondering how things are going, and when you are going! David and I wish you both love, luck and happiness on your wonderful trip. Will follow you on your vocation. Lots of love. God bless. Dominique and David. x x x

  8. Wishing you all the best in your venture to Bolivia. You havn’t changed at all Ruth since Brownie Pack Holiday times. Hope it is as exciting! Love to you & Dean, from your old Brown Owl. I will keep up with your progress from your Dad on Mondays.

  9. Hi Dean and Ruth!
    I heard from K-A that you’re moving abroad. How great for you to take a new step! I wish you God’s rich blessings. May He guard you and lead you as you take this step in faith!

    Love, Alfie

  10. Hi Dean and Ruth

    Really exiting to hear all you news, I will be thinking of you, I loved working with you Dean and learnt loads, your commitment was and is an inspiration. Love and prayers to you both


  11. Have been praying for you both and glad to hear you are enjoying All Nations.
    We enjoyed seeing your Mum yeasterday Dean, she came down to Newberry with Dilys.
    You are in our thoughts and prayers lots!
    Love Chris and David

  12. cant believe you are really going! *sob sob*
    i know you will have an awesome time and think you are doing a really great thing.
    gonna miss you loadz and am so glad you set up this groovy website.
    love sarah xx

  13. hi dean
    its matt here looks like your having a nice time in bolivia and hope your spanish improves soon! he he
    love matt

  14. Hello Mrs Such, do you remember me, I’m still reading lots of books and it’s great because my tutor is Mrs Rochester and are tutor base is in the library. What you’re doing looks really cool! When I grow up I’m going to be a primatolodgist so i’ll go exciting places too!
    I hope your spanish is going well

  15. Hiya Mrs Such and Dean,

    Do you remember me? I was in your class in year 5 and you taught me RE in year 6! I hope you are having a FAB time in Bolivia and we are all really missing you lots! Year 7 is great because you get so much more responsibility but you get detentions!
    I hope your spanish is going really well!

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