Saying goodbye

cake.jpgBoth Dean and I have both finished work now. I had my last day at Abbot’s Hill school on Tuesday 10th July. It was really sad to say goodbye to all my friends and collegues. I want to say thank you to everyone for all the suppport and encouragement you have shown me. I shall miss Abbot’s Hill very much, teaching, laughing and especially the delicious lunches.. Mmmm. Dean did the last X:site of the term on Monday and it was great to see so many people down at the Works. Kerry Anne had made a book with comments from lots of young people and their families. It was lovely to read all the messages and we shall take this with us to Bolivia to remember everyone and give us a boost when things are difficult. Our next job is to find someone to rent our house (3 bedrooms, quiet location etc. if you know anyone) and start packing up all our stuff. Keep in touch.’ title=’Crossover Clubbers’>Crossover Clubbers<a href=’http://

12 thoughts on “Saying goodbye

  1. Ever since big crunch three years ago, i knew dean and ruth would play a big part in my life. I never had even thought about a christian life until i met them and i am so proud of both of them for helping me lead my life the way it should be, and to proove that i got baptised on mothers day last year. Deans helped me through so much, probaly more than he actually knows of. I just hope that God will be looking down at Dean and Ruth and helping them as much as he can in there journey of a lifetime to bolivia. I will be praying all the time for the both of you and i really hope i get to see you again, even if that means getting everybody together for a trip to bolivia ( now that would be cool ) have a great time guys, i will miss you loads.
    God bless

    Sam x

  2. I’m SO! Sorry I Couldn’t Come & Say Goodbye. Blame Astley Cooper – Blame Miss Baines!! Hee Hee.
    Seriousley, I Was GUTTED.
    But Anyway, Good Luck. Bolivia’s Lucky To Be Getting Two Very Awesome People – Them Bolivian Peoples Had Better Appreciate It. 🙂
    I Know You’re Gonna Be Fantastic And Make Such An Incredible Difference To So Many Lives – Just Like You Have Here, Right? Of Coursey.
    Thank You For SO SO SO Many Good Times. If It Wasn’t For You And All The Effort You Put Into….Everything, I Would Never Have Met So Many Amazing People And Had Such A Wicked Time.
    I’ma Gonna Miss You Dean & Ruth!! Keep In Touch!
    Lots Of Love,
    xx ❤ xx

  3. Hi Dean and Ruth
    At last we have internet and can write to you with our email address! It was great to spend time with you last week. You will be in our prayers as you set off on this great adventure. Please keep in touch!
    Paul and Sally

  4. So sorry i couldn’t see you both and say bye, same as Christine said blame Astley Cooper! I know you’ll be brilliant in Bolivia, our thoughts and prayers go with you, thank you for everything……and keep updating the website! Keep in touch please! i’ll miss you loads,

    Iain B

  5. Hi Dean,
    So you’re off to Bolivia. HAve a great time and look after each other. It must be incredibly exciting for you. How long will you be there for?

  6. Im So So So Sorry I Missed Your Leaving Party!
    Astley Cooper School Actually Sucks For Making Me Miss It!
    Sorry I CouldntSay Goodbye,
    I Wrote In The Card That Mr Hollins Brought In:)
    And Im Writing This So Its Kind Of SayiongGoodbye Not Really The Same 😦

    Bolivias Getting Two Very Amazing people,
    Thankyou For Everything Youve Done For Us All,
    Youve Really Made A Difference 🙂

    Will Be Thinking Of You Both When Your
    Over There, But I Know Youll Be making Such A Difference To People That Need You So Much More Than We Do.

    All The Best:)
    Love Always Chantelle 🙂 xx

  7. hey Dino & Roofy,
    really gonna miss u guyz!!! so much!!! you’ve made such an impact on so many peoples lives!!! we all love u sooooooo much!!!!! the people in Bolivia are soooo lucky 2 be gettin 2 such fantastic people!!! im gonna miss u but its a comfort 2 know ur gonna be changing lives the same way as u have for sooooo many of us!!! hopefully i’ll be able 2 come visit!!! (if ya can put up wiv me of course) lol !!!!
    anywayz im gonna finish my essay now !!! lol !!!
    Love, Hugs and loadz of prayers !!!
    Laurenand James xxx

  8. cant believe i missed the good bye party! dean and ruth and each had a huge impact on my life and am feel so lucky to have met them.
    i know that where ever they go they will spread a smile and God will be watching over them.

    You guys will make such a difference out in Bolivia and am counting the days til your back.

    stay happy
    loadz of love Sarah

  9. May God bless your going out and your coming in!!!

    Thanx for all your love, prayers, advice, hugz, laughter and growth ad lully dinners Ruthie!
    Stay blessed!

    Ka xxxx

  10. I Amm Sooo Gutted I Did Not Get 2 See U To Say Good Byy, Same As The Rest Of The Astley Guys We Was On A Skool Trip 😦 And We Had Already Payed When We New That Date Was Your Leavin Thing 😦 But Its Ok I Wod Of Cried Loadz Anyway Lol 😀
    Im Guna Miss Yu Soo Mucch 😦 I Miss Yu Guys Alreaddy, DEAN ART IS NOT THE SAME ! 😦 And Ive Finshed My Final Peice For My Food Project Naw And Yu Cnt See 😦 But I Signed The Card Mr Hollins Gave 2 Yu If Yu Saw My Name On It 😀
    Bolivias Getting Two Very Amazing people, && I Amm Verry Jelouss But I No They Will APreciate You So Much 😀
    Fankkss For Everything You Havee Done For Us All, Especiallyy Mee, Dean Was One Of The Main Reasons I Am Where I Am Today
    Youve Really Made A Difference
    I Cnt Actually Belive Yur Gon 😦 When Yu Get Back Ill Only Be Cupple Of Months Of 18 😐 And Thats Scarry !!! 😐 But Luckily Yu Will Be Back For It 😀 Bolivia Are Sooo Luky To Havee Yu && I No You Are Going To Makes Such And Amazing Life Changing Experience For Everyone You Come Across You Are Two Of The Mst Friendlyest People That I Know..And Now Yu Left Me 😦 I Hope Yu Havee And Amazing Time Owt There And Everyone Will Miss Yu Sooooo Muchh Stay In Touch And Look After Each Other Everyone Is Prayin For You 🙂
    God Bless
    Lots Of Lovee Michelllleeee ❤ xxxxx

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