Adios Cochabamba


We have had an amazing time here in Cochabamba and now it is time to move on to our project in Sucre. The past two weeks have been very busy with language study (we upped the level to seven hours per day!) and we have also been visiting many children’s projects in the city. One of the best moments was spending the morning with Juana (someone I met ten years ago on one of my drama teams). We went to the prison school and met with the kids, played parachute games, did a puppet show and performed drama. We are looking forward to meeting the students in Sucre and beginning our ministry…not looking forward to the 12 hour bolivian bus journey through the mountains at 13,000 ft. A bit scary but a great adventure!

The Statue of Christ.

Pictures show; Cochabamba at night, puppets at the prison school and devotional at the metal workshop with Gray Parker.

Cochabamba at night

Puppet show

Bible study

5 thoughts on “Adios Cochabamba

  1. A very informative update, well done. About time! We are going to miss you guys too when you go to Sucre, but look forward to when you come and stay in our garden for holidays! Ok, got to dash and update my website now…maybe! xxxx

  2. Hello Ruth and Dean
    are u enjoying your trip?
    I have not been to Bolivia but I can imagine the beauty of it all.
    Cannot wait to hear back from you two!

  3. Hi Guys,

    Now you are in Sucre! , city full of students, perfect fit for a Bolivian Crossover, I really pray God for his perfect will be accomplished in you, during this time in Bolviia.

    Would love to continue talking with you, i’m still praying about what we talked while in Cochabamba, .. I guess I don’t have your email.. ?, anyways a big hug from tropical Santa Cruz – Bolivia

  4. hiya dean and ruth! its gr8 that you have arrived in sucre as your facebook indicates! hows the altitude hittin ya?
    hope you 2 have lots n lots of fun!

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