Horno K’casa

As you may have seen from our newsletter we have been working on a project on the outskirts of the city with a team of Brazilians. It has been good to have a focus, as we have been painting brightly coloured murals on the walls… Noah, Jesus and the feeding of 5000… ready for the opening this Tuesday. It has been hard work, cleaning up and painting the outside of the building too. The conditions these families live in is terrible. They have pigs and chickens living with them and no running water. The water they have is delivered by a tanker once a week and stored in barrels outside.

We will be working there two days a week. Dean is probably going to work with the teenagers and Ruth with the junior age children. They will have time to do homework, play games, art, music and have some bible teaching. A big part of the project is health education and basic hygiene. The children will be taught about healthy food, keeping clean and preventing illness. The project has also constructed a toilet and a shower so that the children can be washed.

This is Bibi...

.Painting Day 1Piggies

Dean Painting in the details

Ruth and Gideon painting the ark


The first day with the 8 -10 year olds

First week with 11- 13 year olds

One thought on “Horno K’casa

  1. Hello Mrs Such. This is Sophie Rolph and Isobel Maclean from Abbot’s Hill. I hope you are well and are enjoying your travelling. We’re really enjoying Abbot’s Hill. Bye.

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