Balloons Popping!

To celebrate reaching half way in our marriage guidance course “Love and Respect” we decided to have a party with our group of couples. We have been reading one chapter of the book and meeting once every two weeks to discuss the questions. We have been “facilitating” the discussion in our limited Spanish. It has been really good and such a blessing to see these young couples developing and opening up to talk about things.

The party was great fun. We had a “bring and share” dinner – a new concept to most of our friends. Then we had a few games … the most hilarious being hugging balloon popping and blindfolded newspaper ripping!! Just don’t ask?!?!?

We also celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this month. We usually take it in turns to organise a special restaurant or trip, but this year will be memorable as we spent the day looking for a dentist!!! Not very romantic! Ruth had a minor emergency and needed a tooth repaired… but finding a nice / clean / safe and qualified dentist in Sucre is not so easy.

Sadly we have both been a bit poorly in the past few weeks. The Bolivian bugs have caught up with us again and we have been feeling quite weak and drained. Both of us are on the mend now.

We have loads of things in the pipeline and are feeling really busy. We are looking forward to our trip to Puno with a group of students from the church and presenting dramas. We will also be involved with meeting a group of STEP missionaries from the UK and Ireland and helping them travel and get orientated, which we are looking forward to.

children showing their new friendship braclets

Thanking God for another day of fun

Just squash til you pop

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