International Afternoon

The group going on the drama evangelism team to Puno decided to do some fund raising. We asked all the people from foreign countries – or had relatives in foreign countries to cook a typical dish to sell at the church.

I made scones!!! with English tea … with milk of course. Other people made tacos from Mexico, apple strudle from Austria, chocolate chip cookies from USA, something strange but spicy from Brazil, and boiled eggs with peanut sauce from Peru. But our scones were a great success and were the first to sell out.

The event was really popular and the funds allowed some students to come on the mission who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

After many disasterous attemps...

One thought on “International Afternoon

  1. I have loved reading you news letter, thankyou. The scones look yummy so much better than I could cook! English tea with milk – just right, it had to be, best drink of the day!! And loving the flags!

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