Spanish School and Culture classes

This week has been mainly based in Cochabamba. We have had some really interesting Culture classes with Mauge and have continued to have Language school to improve our Spanish.

It was great to learn more about the history of the country we love so much, and finally understand a little more about how the culture works. Having lived here for two years it felt like a ‘lightbulb moment’ to realise why people behave in certain ways. We learnt that here in Bolivia it is very much a Collective culture and rules are more like suggestions than ‘rules’ as we know them. It makes for quite a culture shock when you first arrive. On the plus side it is totally relationship orientated and people love to spend time together, so we feel really welcomed and loved.

Our Spanish is improving. We have spent time with friends who we met 5/6 years ago in Sucre and celebrated their son’s first birthday (happy birthday Lucas). We are moving house on Monday to be closer to the centre of town and the language school. We have had a lovely time staying at Gwen’s house… (thanks guys).

Last Sunday we introduced ourselves at a local church. We had a chance to present a short drama – which everyone seemed to love. The young people want us to do a short set of workshops to teach them drama and mime, which they will then be able to present all over the city. This is planned to start this Wednesday.

Today is the day of the General Election which means no one can meet outside of their houses except to vote! We are having an amazing time with our friend and spanish teacher Mauge who is looking after us very well indeed.

Thanks for keeping in touch. Please leave a short message if you have time.

Our preferred mode of transport...
Our preferred mode of transport…



Lucas 1st birthday...
Lucas 1st birthday…
Waiting with Anjelica for our visa papers
Waiting with Anjelica for our visa papers
It's amazing what you can buy for a fiver!!
It’s amazing what you can buy for a fiver!!
Proving my identity..!!
Proving my identity..!!


2 thoughts on “Spanish School and Culture classes

  1. sorry we didnt get to speak to you before you left. We hope you have a very special time and it is a time of great blessing.

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