In the past two weeks we have continued with our Spanish lessons at Connexiones entre Mundos every morning. A whole new experience of homework and classes, timetables and “the subjunctive”.  We are like Hermione and Ron! Ruth getting her homework in on time and Dean a week behind…

We’ve been working with Belen Church and have a taught four drama workshops. We were invited to go out with them to do  drama in the main plaza. It was a great experience and we were glad to help. I do not know how many times we have performed the Heart sketch, but it always amazes us how much people enjoy seeing us make ourselves look silly and when Dean produces the new Heart the look of surprise always makes me smile.

We also went along to a local teacher training institute to teach them drama skills and how they can be applied to a classroom situation. Ruth was able to share a little about her teaching experience with the students.

Through Connexiones entre Mundos we have been invited to work alongside various projects in Cochabamba. Every Saturday afternoon a group go to the Main Plaza and set up a tent. They bring warm water and baby baths, shampoo, clean clothes, towels etc and they offer to wash the babies who live with their parents on the streets. The ladies come from the local area. We helped wash the babies- some as small as 3 months, others about 3 years old. It was so lovely.  The water turned black every time….

We're all clean now
We’re all clean now…


Dean at baby washing
Dean at baby washing


Last Sunday Dean was invited to preach at a Brazilian church for 250 students. he spoke about Love. We used a translator (neither of us speak a word of Portugese). They enjoyed the drama we presented and he has been asked to speak again in November.

Dean preaching
Dean preaching


As part of language school we have a number of weekly social events. We had a taco evening to raise money for a lady who had just had triplets. Her husband has abandoned her and she is struggling to work and earn money to buy powdered milk.





Daniella with the baby supplies we bought for Maria
Daniella with the baby supplies we bought for Maria

We also went to a fancy dress dessert party. We made Welsh cakes (an improvised version) and went as the Queen and Prince William. We have also walked up to the statue of the Cristo on the hill. It nearly gave us a heart attack climbing 1200 steps at altitude…  It is a whole 10 cm taller than the one in Rio…

We went to visit an orphanage on Friday that we have had links with for a number of years. It was great to spend time with the children, playing games and just hanging out.


Playing at Casa de Amor
Playing at Casa de Amor






Thank you for your continued support. We know parcels are en route..thank you. Please leave a message for us. X

Fancy dress.
Fancy dress.




4 thoughts on “Cochabambinos…

  1. Keep up with the homework Dean! Good work your doing. We having fun too wat the Junction. Finally got the plan balanced between fun, games and Bible. Brilliant book you suggested on. Fruit of the Spirit.

  2. Really good to read your activities and to see such lovely photos. We believe your are where God wants you to be – you are obviously being used, appreciated and valued! As you should be! Love Mary and Stan

  3. HiDean and Ruth , it’s so lovely reading about all the wonderful things you are doing in Bolivia . It looks like the most amazing place to explore and also sharing your love with all the wonderful people . I am sure Deans jokes make them laugh !! I look forward to reading your next blog , take care of yourselves much love June x

  4. Hi Dean and Ruth, it’s so great to read what you’ve been up to and see the photos so quickly after they’re taken.
    Laura has spoken so much since she returned about the babywashing in the main plaza and the simple act of serving those very needy people.
    Seeing the photos brought her memories come flooding back. She even recognised some of them….just 2 years older!
    Hopefully you will receive our parcel soon.and our news.
    Look forward to your next blog and hearing all your antics! Keep up with your homework Dean 🙂 Much love to you both, Judith

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