Prison mural updates

It’s not quite time lapse photography, but we can now proudly show what we’ve been up to with the boys in CAMINO for the past few weeks. Cannot really show photos which identify them. So apologies for the lack of happy faces. Trust us when we say they were all happy to participate and were really pleased to be included. The team included the boys who had moved into the communidad section. Which means it they have shown improvements in attitude and consistent behaviour. Painting has a lovely calming effect and super opportunities to chat.

One boy, whom we have nicknamed “tough nut” but we now know is called JL, told me that in the future he wanted to teach people how to make good choices. I asked him what advice he would give to himself if he could travel back in time to talk to himself 5 years ago. What he said was; choose your friends carefully, do not follow others when you know it is wrong, study and listen to your elders. 

I guess it is the same all over the world. The challenges young people face. 


End of day 1


End of day 2

Using the data projector to trace the outlines




End of day 4
The dream team


End of day 5… with all those who “helped”



 The finished mural…  They are now thinking of using this space for kids to do their homework and study. At the moment they have a really dark, gloomy room. The only trouble is they don’t have any money to buy tables and chairs. 

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