Merry Christmas

Thank you for everyone who has sent us donations for the Christmas boxes we have organised for the kids in Mosojyan and Cometa. We have been shopping in the cancha and been busy wrapping gifts and essentials such as boxer shorts, flip flops, toothpaste and soap, knickers and hairbrushes along with a few goodies.

We know that we have a few parcels in the post, but nothing has arrived since August…so we can wait for a bit longer. But thank you in advance for thinking of us.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.


Here are the girls at mosojyan (aged 12-17) and their children.


Some essentials for the girls at Cometa


The girls will really appreciate these things


Flip flops and brushes


We made decorations with the boys in Camino. I love the expression on his face, pride, awe and joy.


Christmas crafts with the boys and the staff at the Comunidad drug rehab centre.


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