Not on our own

Something we think about regularly is that we are not doing this on our own. We obviously have each other… and spending every day together is something we will never take for granted, but we know we are not on our own. We so appreciate your support and continued interest in what we are doing. We have a great support network of friends and family back home who we know are praying for us. Our church is amazing and particularly our fabulous care group who keep sending regular updates and messages to us.  We feel certain we are in the right place at the right time. God has confirmed our calling to this work and this place at this time. We cannot do this on our own. Thank you for all who support us and those who are praying for us. We love you…

This month we have continued to work in the youth rehabilitation centres, both with the boys and with the girls. We also visit the drug rehabilitation centre once a week to lead drama workshops. These are being very well received and we are enjoying getting to know the young people and staff. One change has been that we have been asked to work with the boys in ‘senetencia’ rather than ‘preventiva’… Basically the older boys who all have guilty sentences rather than the ones on probation or warning sentences. This was rather intimidating the start with, but we are fine. Most of the boys in our drama group are aged 17- 19 years old and are there for between 3-6 years.

We took the 14 hour overnight bus to visit Hali in Santa Cruz. We wanted to see her work and encourage her. She obviously got us working straight away! We ended up showing drama sketches in the Aorero community and playing with the children whilst she met with community leaders. It was probably the most extreme poverty we have seen here in Bolivia. We also helped run a holiday club – as children here have just had two weeks off school for winter break.

Please keep in touch. We love hearing your news and messages from home. We keep checking for parcels at the post office. We know there are some on the way. Ruth and Dean Such. C/o Conexiones enter Mundos. Casilla 15. Cochabamba. Bolivia.

If you would like to support our work financially then please click on the button to link to our Stewardship account.

We made these ninja juggling balls out of balloons and flour.
Presenting drama in the village . These children live in extreme poverty.
Friends who we have known since living in Sucre treated us to their special home made “pique a lo macho”.
These are the murals the boys at the youth rehabilitation centre painted. Which is your favourite?

Happy faces at the holiday club
Training for all the volunteers who help at the youth rehabilitation centre. So encouraging to see the team start to grow. Rafeal giving a ‘practice presentation’ to the team.

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