The Rainy Season


December in Bolivia is the start of rainy season and when the sun isn’t out it is really cold. So one day it’s thermals and the next day we could be sitting in the plaza wearing T-shirts and sun cream! Pretty weird eh! It is freezing at night too and we are discovering that Bolivian houses do NOT have central heating. It’s just a case of putting on another layer… and wearing your woolly socks!

We had a Spanish exam last Wednesday. We have a whole new sympathy for students. That feeling of total panic as everything you have ever learnt floats out of your head. We have started at a new school (Latino Americano institute) and plan to just study two afternoons a week. We are getting plenty of opportunities to practice when we meet students and people from the church.

Dean spoke at church on Sunday evening. He shared his testimony and gave a talk on “The Father’s Love”. Phil translated the bits he couldn’t say (most of it!). Over 40 people came forward for prayer and ministry which really blew us away! It’s amazing to be in the centre of God’s will.

There have been a few recent problems in Sucre with protests and marches. We have not been effected by it much as we are staying just outside the town centre. It’s all to do with the Bolivian constitution and the location of the capital.

Tomorrow we are moving to our new house closer to the Universities which we are really looking forward to. Please leave us a message. (We love hearing from home.) Any goodies can be sent to Casilla 215, Sucre, Bolivia…

…more pictures to come.

New Language School

In the Plaza

Dean and Pastor Phil

4 thoughts on “The Rainy Season

  1. So great to hear that your talk went well. You are in for a very exciting year. Whe you move in be acreful of that dangerous shower…maybe just stay smelly!
    I never thought about it being cold..brrrrrrrr

  2. Auntie Ruth & Dino,
    Thank you for my brilliant birthday card – it was by far my favourite. When it stops raining and we can get to a beach Mummy says we can send you a message back!
    We are really pleased to hear the talk went well, and I am practicing my Spanish with Dora Explorer every day.
    Speak soon

  3. ii missss uuu =(
    artt iss nott thee sameee anymoree deann =(
    ive done my mocks now and my art went okk altho it was me longest i enjyed it the most
    im 16 now aswell ..uu mised it =(
    gladd ur havin a good time though
    write back
    seems like u have been gone foreverrr =(
    missin u lotsss =(
    lots off loveee thee littllee onee..Michellee x

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