Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas… or in Spanish … Feliz navidad…

We hope and pray that you have had a lovely Christmas day. We went to church last night for a carol concert and I played my flute. There was an amazing thunder and lightening storm with loads of rain through the evening which caused a city wide power cut. So the service was conducted by candle light … very atmospheric … After the service Dean, Chris ( LLink co-ordinator) and I went out and shared bread rolls and sweets with the street children. It was one of the hardest things we have done. It was cold and wet and these little ones were sleeping on top of each other in shop door ways. We got in about 1 in the morning.
This morning we opened the parcels we had picked up from the post office. Invited Chris around for breakfast ( fried egg butties and we shared our very last tea bag …) We then went to Phil and Jan’s house for lunch. It was delicious. Turkey and mashed potatoes with stuffing, followed by cinnamon sponge. We then played some silly games and chatted.
We had been feeling a little homesick over the past few weeks, spanish is still hard and we feel a bit frustrated. We had been dreading Christmas day a bit, but we have had a lovely day. We were walking down the hill to our house this evening, the sun was shining and the air was so clear that you could see all the mountains around Sucre. It was beautiful… breath-taking !!
Some of the other Latin Linkers are coming to visit us on Friday to celebrate my birthday and we are going to see the sights of Sucre, haven’t had much free time yet to do this.
Lots and lots of love. Please send us a message, be lovely to hear your news.

Our New House

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