Our Puno mission team got together on Saturday for a debrief and discussion about the trip at our house. We saw some very entertaining video footage of the drama presentations and rehearsals. The team all had the opportunity to share their thoughts on the mission and ideas for the future. This was followed by a delicious BBQ lunch prepared by Hugo and Rodrigo.

This Sunday we were asked to give a short testimony about our time in Puno at church as part of a special night on mission. It was the first time we SPOKE IN SPANISH at the front!!! Whoopie. It felt really good to share and be understood. It’s not quite the same as giving an assembly to 200 sixth formers, but we’re getting there.

Ruth at the BBQ
Ruth at the BBQ


One thought on “BBQ

  1. What a yummy BBQ, wish I had been there. I am very very very very very impressed by you both talking in Spanish. keep up the good work. It should inspire me to learn French.

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