What is a refregerio? Well it’s a kinda snack which we give to the kids at Horno K’casa at the end of each day. It is quite an established part of Bolivian life – a mid morning snack … a saltana /spicy pasty if your very lucky … and an afternoon nibble to keep you going til tea time.

Milk and rice with raisins and nutmeg, maize and cinnamon “cakes”, a bread roll and fruit salad in orange juice are just a few of the delicious things we have had in the past few weeks. It helps gives the children something nutritious and filling at least once a day. Many of them do not eat breakfast before school and come to us both hungry and thirsty. A local teacher named Pancho makes the refregerio every day and delivers it to the centre.

We have also started brushing our teeth at Horno K’casa every day after the snack. This is a follow up of a hygiene lesson we had from trainee doctor who came to help. We invented a clever way of keeping the toothbrushes clean and dry using old yogurt pots.

They prepare the refregerio for as little as £2 a day to feed up to 30 kids … it’s amazing how far money goes out here.

Hand washing
Hand washing

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