Newsletter Number 20

Here is our newsletter for April … you’ll need to open each page by clicking on it and again to enlarge it.

We’ll be seeing you soon, when we return in July.

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Page 1
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One thought on “Newsletter Number 20

  1. Hahahaha!

    GREAT photos of you all in fancy dress!

    Dino… I never knew you looked so good in make-up! Brings back those memories of Spandau Ballet and the New Romantic era LOL!

    And Ruth… did you take your Pocahontis kit with you??!!! Fantastic!

    Its a long way from home and a rather large FISH costume.

    Missing you both and looking forward to the homecoming in July.

    Stay Blessed you wonderful people.

    God is doing SO much in you and thru you, never underestimate those small seeds!


    Ka & Owen xxxxx

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