Our church have a group who travel locally to do evangelism and mission. They invited us to go with them this weekend to a place called Tomoyo. It is a small community of 23 families spread out over a large area which is not accessible by road. We had to walk about an hour across 3 rivers ( carrying all our stuff) to get there.

Sadly when we got there we found out that the teachers and the children had all gone to Potosi for the weekend!!! So the people we were planning to work with were not there!! But the team didn’t loose heart, they set about cleaning a newly built but unused health centre, and visiting families to invite them to spend time with us the next day.

The community speak Quechua… and a little Spanish, so playing games was a challenge… we used lots of demonstrations and sign language. It was fun to see them play parachute games and watching the dramas. The team had bought solar powered radios which are fixed frequency to a program which reads the bible in Quechua. Each costs the equivalent of £7 and we gave them to different families, many of whom cannot read and work out in the country miles from anywhere.

The journey home began at 5.30 am with a wake up call and breakfast. Followed by packing up and carrying all the stuff back to the road. We were at 3400m ( about 3 times the height of Snowdon), the sun was only just up, the water was well over over knees and the bottom of the river was covered in rocks and gravel. We have never been so cold in all our lives!!! It was painfully cold and it was only half an hour later did we regain feeling in our toes.


Beautiful sunrise as we crossed the river
Beautiful sunrise as we crossed the river
The mission team from our church
The mission team from our church

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